saturday visitations

there was a great energy on friday at chapter- i finished my reading which i enjoyed and to have more than 17 people in the audience for a poetry reading is a result!- hung around savouring the atmosphere- good place to be-
saturday and i am looking forward to sampling a few other events- - have to admit the camera frame experiments by chris holtom did absolutely nothing for me- i mean come on taking a picture of a fucking vacuum cleaner then labelling it " vacuum" does nothing for the soul does it?- i do struggle with these sort of artists - i want to shake them and say get a grip do soemthing say something in this deadening world we inhabit why give up and almost say wel lthis is it- this is it. maybe thats the point i do not know?- i just do not get it. and before all the avant garde jump on me or maybe pour fucking apple sauce over me in a happening i do not always want to GET IT but need to feel soemthing need to feel the hair on the back of my neck stand feel my stomach churn in soem vicarious empathy- need to want to say i disagree with you- or indeeed feel ihave communed with something someone as arthur miller said- " he wanted his plays to make people feel less alone" well the camera thing made me feel like saying fuck it life is boring and shit and you ARE ON YR OWN MATE NOw fuck off!-what a waste of a photographic opportunity to explore the human condition...............
sorry- got carried away maybe that is the point!
now in response to our friend in the tank- first of all when i went in- he wasn't even in there- people bending down to see this feat of human endurance, starign thorugh the masses of onions and spilled tears to catch a glimpse of the new david blaine- and he wasn't even there- he'd popped out for a quick piss and maybe to see his mate doing the photos of the vacuums and other soulinspiring stuff- oh come on, ...."l'art est inutile, vont à la maison"...........
it makes me think of a truly great who continues to inspire and provoke

"You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it."
Albert Camus

right onto peppermintpatti presents- planningtorock- the pitch seems interesting and something with a bit of feeling and actual creativity-- but before we get to that- who were those two idiots on stage dressed in a red kagool with a silly mask that squashes their faces in cycling shorts pretending to run to some bad european music that was probably number one in iceland in 1982 so they think it is cool cos no other fucker has heard of it so is art- well let me tell you this- it is not- my 5 yr old son knows more about art and the act of creation than those two sad fuckers- what is it? were they ignored at school so have to be noticed in any fuckign way possible which on last nights evidence means to be as pathetic and silly as possible doing absolutley nothing of any value- human social emotional artistic economic anyfucking thing but act like ah i cant even find the words to represent my rage at this- but it is done is a smug " oh you dont get our oh so cool act so you're retards and we are the coolest actor artist cultural creator in this fucking room" syndrome-- i was more pissed off with the audience who actually encourage such spectacle by looking at what they were doing and finding a better vantage point to see the confederacy of the dunce dances and shake their adult forms in kid like nutterdom!- say no NO!NO!- then, they walk off stage their egos stroked like bin laden's dyed beard and walk into the audience offering sweets - oh yes it must be a homage to their idle youth sat in cinemas watching old films thinking of theday when they could be stars and see their name in lights and the audience will bow before them- so they have a little torch and walk through the thick audience handing out sweets- you heard it right fucking sweets- oh you are so ironic! when there is death, bombing in baghdad, religions ruling our days, women stoned, houses repossessed and a minimum wage of £5.35 these two fuckers walk around in some darkened room handing out sweets with a high pitched moronic voice-i am sorry but i do not get it and I DO NOT WANT TO GET IT-improvised- bollocks- make it up as you go along more like - look- if you are going to get on a stage and ask people to pay hard earned money to see you, take some time, think about what you are doing, let the spirit take you, maybe even read a book, but please please, be professional, be human, say something.............SWEETS SWEETS, SWEETS, SWEETs!!!!- bored bored bored ironic of course- they probably think they are more dangerous than an al qaeda suggestion box but really theye got as much to offer the world as the problem page in nuts magazine-
phew- thats better than a a dose of the heaven and earth show- maybe thas the point!!
on to janine rostron- sort of a mini zoo tv with a feminine touch- now here you pair in the red kagools and plastic masks look and learn- she's thought she's created she's delved into something and actually worked at it- the music is claustrophobic and epic at different times, sort of takes you away from yourself into another space- i like this- the images fade in and out we follow a business man on a train, nothing happens yet the music makes things happen- interesting i like it i like how i feel- i let loose theres a robbie fowler lookalikey next to me lost in his own world moving to the beat spilling his beer but it doesnt matter we are all in this together yet allowed to find the individual journey we choose- theres a more montage let video that aches for release the music pumps and beats into my arteries i follow the imagery not really caring where it wil ltake me- nice, releasing, searchign finding i like these words and my mind is given space to create my own picture- i have never heard of janine but i believe her, i feel her creation i acknowledge her work and that she knows and is in control what she is creating- it makes me feel like creating myself makes me want to be part of the universe.........
she ends the screen goes dead- i wanted more i wanted more music and images to thread me into her world and................... that my redkagoolled fakers ............... is art....................................


peppermintpatti said...

Actually PlanningTo Rock was on AFTER this. You just wrote about APPLEFISH!
As for what you wrote about Mr & Mrs Clark I loved it, I love their terrorism, I love their bravery, I love their wit.

Such unpretentious, creative, important people.

Shame you didn't see PlanningtoRock!

patrickjones666 said...

i love your irony-

ha fucking ha
mr and m rs clark are a useless pair of wannabees-

the emperor's new clothes perhaps?

peppermintpatti said...

I disagree.

Mr & Mrs Clark did an excellent job hosting the night. Fantastic entertainment, great humour and irony and spontinaity that has roots not only from compares in traditional Music hall, but also pokes fun at the reserve and the British middleclass/ working class "crach ach" house party host and hostess and spoilt kids, creeping downstairs to join in; as well as disrupting the whole 'beard stroking' snob value that sometimes persists in 'art' events. The Dance Police was genius punk art terrorism, completely unpretentious and totally refreshing . We'd love them to come back to any future Peppermintpatti gigs, especally as The Dance Police.

Glad you enjoyed Applefish though, as for PlanningToRock, she was to quote Marc Rees" "Fucking Mind blowing."

Here's her myspace, so you can see what you missed: