Tuesday 16 October
7.00pm Lapse at TactileBOSCH

Wednesday 17 October
6.30pm Goodkopbadkop
7.00pm Submotion
8.00pm Gareth Llyr and Louise Ritchie
9.30pm Mr and Mrs Clark

Thursday 18 October
2.00pm onwards John Rowley
6.00pm What's Welsh for Performance (at UWIC)
7.30pm Traw & Emma Macey
9.00pm Tom Marshman
9.30pm Deborah Light
10.00pm Beth Greenalgh and Sam Hasler

Friday 19 October
2.00pm onwards John Rowley
6.00pm Atmen
7.00pm Mindsniffer
7.00pm Karl Price
7.30pm Patrick Jones and Dave Lordan
8.30 pm Jeong Geum-Hyung/Rosie Dennis
10.00pm The Panacea Society plus Special Guests

Saturday 20 October
2.00pm onwards John Rowley
2.00pm onwards Chris Holtom
4.00pm Film Programme
5.00pm Joost Nieuwenburg
6.00pm Atmen
7.00pm Jeong Geum-Hyung/Neil Davies
9.00pm Planningtorock

Sunday 21 October
2.00pm onwards Chris Holtom
11.00am onwards S.A.A.B
4.00pm Korean Artist Talk
5.30pm Rowan O'Neill
7.30pm Gwrando
9.00pm Helena Hunter

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